No Borders Naturals, Inc. a subsidiary of No Borders, Inc. (OTC: NBDR) is pleased to announce that the Company has successfully deployed its initial line of wellness products specializing in Hemp CBD and other natural wellness ingredients.

The all new No Borders Naturals, Inc. website is which clearly showcases the companys growing line of products designed for active lifestyles and furry friends. In addition to high quality hemp and CBD products designed for the discerning buyer, No Borders Naturals provides customers with limited quantity boutique products from an ever expanding network of high end, small batch specialty producers around the country. This is accompanied by a bold new branding of the companys overall identity with a core focus on providing exceptional products to active, health oriented consumers.

The all new website, digital properties, digital marketing, branding, affiliate systems and data utilization/optimization is provided by the NBDR team at No Borders Labs, Inc. a sister subsidiary of No Borders, Inc.

In concert with the launch of the company is proud to announce that the company has secured private label wholesale manufacturing capacity with multiple suppliers across the USA. Tactically adding to the depth of product variety under the No Borders Naturals brand and strategically positioning the company to fulfill demand at scale.

I am incredibly proud of these products and our teams ability to deploy a fully branded product suite seemingly overnight. We have an incredible journey ahead of us in the wellness space and I look forward to sharing that journey with all of our stakeholders as we work to grow this part of our company. As always I want to take a moment and thank the incredible people on our NBDR teams who bring passion and power to our adventures every day, a special thank you to Cynthia Tanabe, Francine Hardaway and Nick Harrington. These three spectacular humans have gone above and beyond to bring No Borders Naturals to life! Said Joseph Snyder, CEO

About No Borders Naturals, Inc.

No Borders Naturals, Inc. a subsidiary of No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a premium purveyor of health and wellness product for active consumers and their pets. With a discerning eye on quality, bio-availability and natural wellness, No Borders Naturals aims to be an industry leader in alternative wellness product offerings.

About No Borders, Inc.

No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a multifaceted corporation specializing in the acquisition, creation and scaling of commercial and consumer products by utilizing cutting edge technologies to reduce costs while increasing revenues and shareholder value through technological superiority across its portfolio of assets.

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No Borders Labs, Inc. provides leading-edge tech tools to our internal companies while also offering consulting, architecture, and software development services to external businesses looking to update their technology infrastructure for greater efficiency, security, and transparency. No Borders Labs, Inc. is headquartered in Arizona with resources in the USA, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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