QUEEN CREEK, Ariz. (Mar. 16, 2020) – No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR), today announced the launch of it’s “MediDent Supplies Covid-19 Home Specimen Collection Kit” to support the #StayHomeSaveLives efforts across the country. 

This kit is designed with the idea to be processable by any one of the over 2,000 Covid-19 approved labs in the country by containing specimen collection equipment for Nasal, Throat and Saliva samples. With direct to home delivery, people who would otherwise have to go to a doctors office while ill can prepare their specimens for testing without ever leaving their home. 

MediDent Supplies is currently engaged with Federal, State and Local governments, healthcare facilities and industry partners to provide the MediDent Supplies Covid-19 Specimen Collection Kits as well as any and all equipment and supply items they need. Currently the American medical ecosystem is preparing for worst case scenarios which increases demand across the board for medical equipment and supplies of all kinds. While we deeply hope that all of these preparations are ultimately unneeded, this reality does present potentially large revenue growth opportunities for the Company for the foreseeable future. 

“The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Our executive team began adding to MediDent Supplies inventories in earnest almost three months ago due to supply chain disruptions we were seeing in Asia at the time. Those efforts not only allowed for our normal operations to continue almost uninterrupted but this also positions MediDent Supplies with the tactical ability to deploy in near real time as demand spikes.” Said Joseph Snyder, CEO of MediDent Supplies

He continued “Working quickly with labs and government around the USA we realized that our digitally focused, remote work, on demand structure provides a unique opportunity to provide a valuable piece of the Covid-19 response, a direct to patient, at home collection option that removes the need for a person to leave their home to begin the Covid-19 testing process. I am incredibly proud of our No Borders and MediDent Supplies teams, it is simply breathtaking to see how much people care and give. Please stay home, cover your cough and WASH YOUR HANDS.”   

There are many initiatives being put into place by governments and private enterprises alike. We support them all. The deployment of Home Specimen Collection Kits is No Borders, Inc.’s way of supporting the #StayHomeSaveLives initiative by providing a way for Americans to stay home especially if they are sick. 

PLEASE. If you are not at risk (elderly, existing conditions etc.) DO NOT buy one of the MediDent Supplies Covid-19 Specimen Collection Kits, if you do decide to get them please only purchase one per person. We are a small company who happens to operate in a potentially critical niche at the moment, we do have inventories on hand and we are aggressively adding inventory and fulfillment capacity everyday but we will not allow hoarding or bulk purchases for resale. 

About No Borders Inc.

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Joseph Snyder

Chief Executive Officer and Director

18716 E. Old Beau Trail

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

(760) 582-5115

Contact: [email protected]


Source:  No Borders Inc. (NBDR)



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