Mesa, Ariz. (January 5, 2021) – No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR), is proud to announce that the Company has officially been named by Guangzhou Harley Commodity Co. and Royal Enterprizes LLC (“Harley”)  as a “Factory Authorized Distributor” of Harley’s NIOSH N95 approved products including the L-288 NIOSH N95 Cup Respirator and the L-188 NIOSH N95 Foldable Respirator

See: Harley Factory Distributor Authorization Letter

Along with being named as a “Factory Authorized Distributor”, No Borders, Inc., has been listed with the FDA by Harley as the “FDA Medical Device Importer” of Harley NIOSH N95’s. Simultaneously, NBDR has officially listed the Harley factory as a manufacturer under No Borders, Inc.’s, FDA Importer Registration. This factory direct FDA linking provides MediDent Supplies customers with supply chain transparency and brings Harley NIOSH N95’s into the USA as a trusted and verified product line.

With recent news coverage highlighting the rising needs for PPE and the dramatic increase in fraudulent or counterfeit products being distributed in the US markets, which has resulted in segments such as the 60 Minutes piece on the matter, MediDent Supplies has worked tirelessly to provide all customers, with a trusted, verified and consistent supply chain of high quality, high demand products. To provide enhanced security and authenticity all Harley NIOSH N95’s manufactured for MediDent Supplies are being secured with a “Distributed by MediDent Supplies” seal on each box as well as a similar label on the exterior of each Master Carton. 

MediDent Supplies is proud to announce that it has already imported Harley NIOSH N95’s in 2020 and the Company now has Five Million Harley L-288 NIOSH N95’s secured on a Factory Production Order with over 600,000 Harley L-288’s already shipped from the factory filling two 40 ft containers. These containers were funded by Florida based Insight Funding. Insight Funding proudly provides MediDent Supplies with the capital needed to offer healthcare, commercial and industrial clients net terms on their PPE purchases as well as international import financing for large factory production orders.

Dwight Richert, Director of Business Development for Insight Funding stated: “Insight Funding Source LLC has completed millions of dollars worth of PPE funding for MediDent Supplies in 2020, we are excited to be supporting the impactful work of providing vitally needed PPE items from around the world to end users here in America. Looking forward to scaling that impact in 2021!

Harley proudly pays third party inspection and testing company SGS to inspect, test and seal each container that is shipped. Linked below is the official SGS Report for the two containers that shipped via ocean freight in December 2020.

See: SGS Report for Harley L-288 December Shipment

MediDent Supplies has seen a dramatic increase in demand for masks and other personal protection equipment (PPE) over the past year. No Borders’ executives and team members have worked tirelessly to establish supply chains both inside the USA and around the globe to help fill that demand. The addition of Harley’s products provides MediDent Supplies with a premium, NIOSH approved product that has already been enthusiastically received by healthcare, first responder and commercial clients across the country.

As an Authorized Distributor, MediDent Supplies brings the high quality, NIOSH approved Harley N95 Respirators to clients big and small directly from the factory in Guangzhou, China. The Harley products manufactured for MediDent Supplies being sealed with a “Distributed by MediDent Supplies” seal on each box adds a layer of brand impact and supply chain transparency. MediDent Supplies also has the right to name sub-distributors for Harley NIOSH products in the USA, this allows for the potential of compounded brand growth in the US markets and greater access to verified authentic NIOSH approved N95’s by America’s front line workers.


“Here at Harley we are currently making major investments in R&D, factory capacity and global brand awareness. Protecting those investments requires strong, stable and trusted importer and distribution partnerships. MediDent Supplies has shown itself to be a mindful and action oriented partner throughout 2020. We are very proud to have MediDent Supplies as a Factory Authorized Distributor of Harley NIOSH N95’s. ” said Xu Mei Ying, CEO of Guangzhou Harley Commodity Company(Harley).

MediDent Supplies provides critically needed medical equipment and PPE to organizations, operators, healthcare professionals and civilians around the world. Due to recent events MediDent Supplies has rapidly scaled its supply chains, inventories and distribution capabilities in order to help and serve as rapidly and impactfully as possible.  With both on hand inventories as well as production capabilities, MediDent Supplies is committed to serving organizations of any size with the right equipment at the right time. 

Joe Snyder, CEO of No Borders, Inc., stated, “We are very proud to partner with the hard working team at Harley to bring high quality NIOSH approved N95 products to the US market.  The Harley L-288 cup respirators and L-188 foldable respirators are some of the most comfortable masks I have personally tried.  Our clients agree as well; we have received spectacular reviews from both retail website customers as well as government, healthcare, industrial and enterprise clients.  Being not only the FDA Medical Device Importer but also the Factory Authorized Distributor, MediDent Supplies will be able to have a direct impact on the availability of authentic NIOSH N95 masks so badly needed across the United States.”

Tina Zhang, CEO of Royal Enterprizes LLC states, “Having worked closely with Joe and the entire MediDent Supplies organization throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as one of No Borders, Inc.’s primary suppliers, I am proud to join with Harley in naming MediDent Supplies as a Factory Authorized Distributor.  Our team here at Royal Enterprizes LLC, brings 80+ years of relationships, expertise and high quality products manufacturing in China to bear. With dedicated staff working on behalf of MediDent Supplies in order to help front line workers, first responders and professionals across America stay safe during these unprecedented times. Seeing the MediDent Supplies brand flourish and grow through the past year has been an incredible journey and we are very excited to serve and impact in ever larger ways in 2021. Happy New Years!”

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