No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR), has announced the formation of an Arizona corporation named “No Borders Naturals, Inc.” a new wholly-owned subsidiary of No Borders, Inc., along with the completion of a 5 year distribution rights agreement with Fenix Corp. (“Fenix”), a premium CBD wellness products manufacturer based in California.

No Borders Naturals, Inc. now owns exclusive distribution rights for all of Fenix Corp., products in the States of Arizona and New Mexico along with non-exclusive rights in Nevada. Initial retail distribution locations around Phoenix Arizona are already stocked and No Borders Labs is slated to deliver a new website in Q1 2019.

“The specialty wellness vertical is a very unique niche with interesting value propositions for our company. Having personally had multiple shoulder surgeries I have first hand experience with the benefits of CBD and Medicinal Marijuana in place of opiates for pain management. That experience and my personal use of Fenix Corps Emu Oil based CBD Muscle & Joint Rub products prompted my interest in exploring how we might work with the great folks at Fenix to not only expand their product reach but also to insert our NBDR companies into the supply chains, operations and systems surrounding the specialty wellness vertical.

Our strategic focus on internally accessing verticals can not only provide NBDR with existing customer bases, revenue streams and valuable supplier relationships but also with opportunities to deploy world class digital, social and marketing solutions quickly and affordably inside these businesses to make them more successful. Realizing synergies and improving data utilization creates incredible growth opportunities before we even begin looking at offering new software solutions and digital products within the vertical itself, said Joseph Snyder, CEO of No Borders, Inc.

Using cutting-edge, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytics, digital marketing and customer experience technology No Borders Labs, Inc.provides No Borders Naturals with actionable data that lowers costs and increases Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) while expanding brand recognition.

No Borders Dental Resources, Inc., announces that it has secured Vendor/Distributor Agreements with Flight Dental Systems a global leader in dental equipment and Iridium Dental a top end manufacturer of specialty X Ray tools for the dental industry. Products from these and other suppliers can be seen on website.

No Borders Funding, Inc., announces deployment of initial lending totalling $30,000 in the form of three new credit facilities provided to NBDR subsidiaries. The three subsidiaries, No Borders Dental Resources, Inc., No Borders Naturals, Inc. and No Borders Education, Inc. each received a $10,000 funded credit facility from No Borders Funding, Inc. at an interest rate of 5% per year for 5 years that they will utilize for initial operations, inventory and deployment of their respective business ventures.

We are extremely happy to be able to not only utilize our teams talent and expertise in the technical realm but also bring our strategic financial, dealmaking and agile operations to bear as well. Positioning our company to have a strong balance sheet via fiscally conservative business operations, tangible value acceleration and responsible funding tactics are key to our long term success. said Cynthia Tanabe, CFO of No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR)

About No Borders, Inc.

No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a remote work, diverse holding company for several brands in verticals that are ripe and ready for the impact of Web 3.0 technologies. With a strategic focus on acquiring, improving and utilizing Web 3.0 tech inside its target verticals, No Borders, Inc. can leverage its technological talent alongside its best in class branding, messaging and product teams to scale revenues for multiple vertical product offerings.

No Borders Dental Resources, Inc. provides equipment and supplies to medical and dental professionals across the USA through the Trade name MediDent Supplies with a strategic focus on expanding product portfolios and optimizing Lifetime Customer Value (LCV) while minimizing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

No Borders Labs, Inc. provides leading-edge tech tools to our internal companies while also offering consulting, architecture, and software development services to external businesses looking to update their technology infrastructure for greater efficiency, security, and transparency. No Borders Labs, Inc. is headquartered in Arizona with resources in the USA, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Forward-Looking Statement

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