Phoenix AZ (12-6-2018) No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR), a leading remote work holding company has announced that it will be changing its corporate brand from Lannister Holdings, Inc. to No Borders, Inc. effective immediately.

“We have decided to embrace the name No Borders to reflect our synergy with the name we acquired when we completed our reverse merger of this company. We are truly a ‘no borders’ remote work company in both philosophy and reality, and our brand strategy must reflect this vision,” said Joseph Snyder, CEO.

One of the reasons for this decision was the holding company’s decision to immediately acquire/deploy product offerings in two additional business verticals, Medical and Education. These new offerings are named No Borders Dental Resources, Inc. and No Borders Education, Inc. respectively, both are Arizona corporations. No Borders Dental Resources, Inc. is a supplier of medical/dental equipment and wellness products while No Borders Education, Inc. is a purveyor of digital courses and classes.

No Borders, Inc. strongly believes in the ability of our experienced team to create and deploy valuable software solutions in business verticals where the current market participants are behind the curve of technological adoption and deployment. These strategic deals are the first of many that the company intends to pursue in order to provide immediate market access, non-technical revenue streams and in-vertical operations that allow for the deployment of technologies that reduce cost, improve results and add scale to verticals from the inside out. With that vision in mind, our software development division, Lannister Development will be rebranded as No Borders Labs, Inc. and Lannister Capital, Inc, will be renamed No Borders Funding, Inc. These existing subsidiaries will begin to, or continue to have, their own client-facing offerings while providing technical and financial support to the No Borders family of brands.

“We have thus unified our brands under our actual public company name and ticker symbol, which gives us a cleaner, stronger brand identity as we continue our mission to deploy cutting-edge technology in real-world businesses,” stated Cynthia Tanabe, COO of No Borders, Inc. “As COO I am committed to maintaining lean operations throughout our organization to provide our shareholders the greatest value while giving us the financial ability to scale our internal and acquired brands. We have achieved great things with the resources available to us and we will continue to utilize all of our assets with mindfulness and care.”

2018 was a year of many milestones for No Borders, including complete elimination of variable convertible debt, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in fresh capital, achieving and maintaining NBDR’s current status with OTC markets, building a world-class remote talent team and advisory board among many other victories big and small. The company also appeared in Forbes, Reuters, and Entrepreneur while Joseph Snyder and Christopher Brown appeared on dozens of podcasts. The company’s technology principals have gained positions of authority in the blockchain/Web 3.0 field while the company’s remote work staffing and lean operating ideologies have received great attention and traction.

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About No Borders, Inc.

No Borders, Inc. (OTC:NBDR) is a remote work, diverse holding company for several brands in verticals that are ripe and ready for the impact of Web 3.0 technologies. With a strategic focus on acquiring, improving and utilizing Web 3.0 tech inside its target verticals, No Borders can leverage its technological talent alongside its best in class branding, messaging and product teams to scale revenues for multiple vertical product offerings.

No Borders Labs, in addition to supplying leading-edge tech tools to our internal companies also offers consulting, architecture, and software development services to external businesses looking to update their technology infrastructure for greater efficiency, security, and transparency. No Borders is headquartered in Arizona with resources in the USA, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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