No Borders Naturals, Inc. has successfully completed development of an all natural, Organic Vegan line of its World Famous CBD Gummies. The Company has worked closely with its product development partners and tested many variations to craft a line of delicious, robust Organic Vegan gummies. As always the Company is committed to bringing the very best lab-tested natural CBD wellness products to market across the USA in a data driven, fiscally and environmentally sustainable way.

By strategically deploying fresh products and niche product variants into the market, No Borders Naturals aims to expand and scale its premier, nationally recognized brand while achieving scaled sales growth through the simultaneous deployment of multiple sales models in the fast growing US CBD industry. The Vegan Organic Gummies will be included as an option on the No Borders Naturals Free CBD Gummy Sample campaign, these sample-pack campaigns have shown phenomenal social reach, fantastic website engagement, impressive sell through and compounded ongoing value through upsell, remarketing and re-order rates.

According to a recent Forbes article, the US CBD industry, currently worth about $2B per year is projected to grow by 8X over the next 5 years to an annual value of $16B. According to the article, currently about 7% of the US population has tried CBD products and No Borders Naturals sees massive opportunity for the Company to achieve significant market share over the next few years by utilizing NBDRs technological, marketing and operations expertise. Additionally, brands across the country are working hard to bring Vegan products to market due to Americas overall increased health awareness and rising demand for Vegan options, just today Baskin Robbins Ice Cream announced two Vegan Ice Cream options being launched in their stores nationwide.

We are very happy to have completed our development of this Organic Vegan line of CBD Gummies. Our Advisory Board Member, Francine Hardaway, is Vegan and she not only assisted with product testing but also worked closely with the No Borders Naturals team to identify the market opportunities in and around the Vegetarian and Vegan communities. The addition of these Organic Vegan CBD Gummies opens up additional sales opportunities, marketing niches and clearly demonstrates our commitment to offering a world class line of CBD wellness products to customers of all dietary needs. I look forward to sharing these delicious Organic Vegan CBD Gummies in person at our No Borders Naturals Pop Up Store events around the USA. Said Joseph Snyder, CEO

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Joseph Snyder

Chief Executive Officer and Director

18716 E. Old Beau Trail

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

(760) 582-5115

Contact: [email protected]

Source: No Borders, Inc. (NBDR)

Released July 26, 2019