The ongoing warfare in Ukraine has already resulted in the death or displacement of millions of Ukrainian citizens. Many civilians are attempting to flee the country with their families, putting them in imminent danger and without the financial security of their livelihoods to support them.

No Borders, Inc. subsidiary MediDent Supplies is supporting the humanitarian efforts by supplying Ukraine and its citizens with much-needed medical and refugee related items. We are fortunate to be in a position to offer our support and are proud to provide meaningful help on the ground in Ukraine and Eastern Europe with a relief package for Ukraine. These supplies will help medical staff who are working to provide care to Ukrainians.

Medical Supplies Relief Package for Ukraine

MediDent Supplies is working swiftly with Embassies, the federal government, and NGOs around the world to understand the need for medical supplies in Ukraine, as well as the needs of Eastern European countries who are hosting millions of refugees. Two shipments containing needles and syringes and PPE have already been shipped to Poland for distribution in Ukraine. Each shipping container that we send provides adequate PPE for ten critical medical staff one month. Shipments are delivered to Poland and sent via truck into Ukraine in coalition with Commercial, NGO and Government entities.

MediDent Supplies is a trusted, international manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment and PPE. Contact MediDent Supplies for more information about the relief package for Ukraine.