Making a Difference

As an FDA registered medical device importer, No Borders has a unique position to help bring needed PPE, supplies, and equipment to the places they are needed most. Under our brand MediDent Supplies we have imported and distributed millions of pieces of PPE and supplies to hospitals, critical need agencies, and governments across the country and the world.
We look to leverage our technological talent alongside our best in class branding, messaging and product teams to grow revenues while staying focused on scaling value for shareholders. Our action during this time of national need is a testament to our team’s multi-faceted abilities.

Making An Impact In Our Communities

As a 100% Remote Work Company, No Borders, Inc. is dedicated to making a positive impact in all of the communities where our team members live, adventure and create.

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Impacting Verticals Inside-Out

With active subsidiaries in Healthcare, Education, Naturals, Finance & Technology we are uniquely positioned to use our expertise to lower costs, improve margins and add business lines within our target verticals. 

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